Thursday, February 19, 2009

Correct Pronunciation of 'unn' (tippi) ending Akhars

As I browsed through web resources I found certain gurbani akhars (words) that were spelled wrongly most are these words were ending with 'unn' (tippi). These are pronounced through nasal airway, thus make different sound than those with tongue touching up in mouth or teeth, These words start from first akhar (word) of gurbani that is Ikk O-unn Kaar which is usually spelled as Ik OangKaar. And this happens to be the name of a famous sikh bibi, she writes her name as Ik OangKaar Kaur. The alphabet/letter 'g' is not to be included in the spelling because it is nowhere.
Another word is teyg-unn (with sword) which is usually spelled as "Teyg Ung" these spellings were found on sikhi websites, like,,
I thought maybe this post could help stop this practice.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Kirpan (the sword) or sabre as its shape matches similar weapon in English terminology.
Kirpan is worn by all amritdhari (baptised) sikhs, as been told by Dasam Guru Shri Guru Gobind Singh. But kirpan is taking smaller shapes or we can say it is becoming more and more minute.
The usual kirpan is about three and a half feet long, kirpans vary in width as maker would make different types of width, it also depends on the carrier/warrior as it is he/she who would choose the width according to his/her capability or liking.
Kirpans now come in 10 inches and smaller sizes, but it is even difficult to convince people who wear naked (without sheath) kirpan to wear standard kirpan however short but with sheath/ mayaan.

Swords of west are flat more like what sikhs call khanda (double edged sword), kirpans are curved however the curve depends on the maker but the group of curved blades is usually referred to as sabres, sikhs call them kirpans.

Kirpan has to be unsheathed (meaning to be used as weapon) only to protect dharam, its not wholly self-defense that sikhs are told to wear by Dasam Guru, but for defense of others.
Kirpan is also used for bhog launa (to make an offering) of karrah parshad (sweetmeat, made of aatta (wheat flour), gheo (refined butter) and water) by passing kirpan through karrah parshad which was earlier done using teer (arrow) during times of Dasam Guru.
It was the guru himself who passed hukam (order) to sangat that henceforth the bhog should be done using kirpan.

We are sorry for not posting anything to this blog for almost more than a year

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

kanghaa(hair comb)

KANGHAA (hair comb) is always put in KES (hair).
KANGHAA must be wood only.
KANGHAAA is used to straighten and clean the KES.
KANGHAA should not be of plastic,ivory iron etc.
KES (hair) has to be straightened or combed
twice a day(morning/evening).
DASTAAR (turban) be tied after combing and
tieing or winding KES into a JURRAA(knot).
DASTAAR be tied one PEYCH (layer of cloth) over another
and when DASTAAR has to be removed,
it should be removed PEYCH by PEYCH.

DASTAAR should not be made into a cap.
Maavaa(starch/flour paste),pins sholud not
be used to make DASTAAR into a cap.

KANGHAA sholud not be kept if even one teeth (dand) is broken
and the broken KANGHAA sholud be replaced with
a SAABAT(unbroken/complete) KANGHAA.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kirpaan -the sword-

Kirpaan is to be with the body all the time.
Kirpaan is not just a ceremonial thing but it is worn
for its primary purpose that is as a weapon.

Kirpaan can not be used to supress someone
Kirpaan can not be used to arouse fears in people around

Kirpaan is to be used for protection of poor and needy
to supress the crimes and excesses of the ones who inflict these
upon the poor.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


In all earlier posts i have used KESH for hair.

but this is not correct as in panjaabi it is KES
and not KESH

i used KESH,for i thought KES might be read as english word:


and in doing so serious mistake have been commited

and all previous posts have been corrected
by replacing KESH with KES

KES has to be read in a longer tone and its pronounciation
should not be like :yes
but in a longer tone simialiar to:


and KES be pronounced as K-ES

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kirpaan -the sword-

All AMRITDHAARI Sikhs keep Kirpaan.
Kirpaan has to be worn everytime.
No time should be such that Kirpaan is not with your body.

Even when sikhs go for ISNAAN -bathing- they tie their Kirpaan
around their heads -with KESH covered with DASTAAR-

Kirpaan has to be worn with GAATRAA not with a thread like loop.
Kirpaan has to be kept in MAYAAN -sheath-
Kirpaan is kept on left side.

Reason: it is easier to take out Kirpaan with your right hand
because mostly people use their right hands
that is why Kirpaan is made such that it remain there.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Sikhs in their elegant headwear -DASTAAR

this is a new begining since now we have pictures also
on this blog which were urgent even before the first post was

here are some photos that have been picked from

Without the permission of the webmaster

these pictures are of sikhs taking part in world wars
or probably the other one is of Sikhs in Sikh fauj -KHAALSAA fauj-
of Ranjit Singh's times